Baia Restaurant

The triumph of taste

The Baia Restaurant is our flagship, with a completely renovated, large and bright room with a new air conditioning system.

Our attention to detail starts from breakfast:
to start the day well we provide you with a breakfast that ranges from desserts, cakes, pies and donuts prepared by our pastry chefs, but also yogurts, cereals, sourdough croissants, as well as cold sliced meats, eggs and bacon.

Coffee and cappuccino are served at the table from our bar.

The dishes served for lunch and dinner are part of the traditional cuisine, with dishes carefully set out in their appearance and composition, sometimes revisited to intrigue and satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Our chef uses only top-quality ingredients, such as absolutely fresh vegetables supplied directly by local farms, to guarantee freshness and quality.

For both lunch and dinner, the rich vegetable buffet will be served at the table and will satisfy the health-conscious, while fish, always present in our menu, is carefully chosen from the catch of the Adriatic Sea. The water served at the table is demineralized.

In case of intolerances, our chef can prepare specific dishes for guests.
Our restaurant has not yet requested AIC certification, but it is nonetheless equipped for preparing gluten-free foods, from breakfast desserts to packaged pasta and ice cream.

Always having the little ones at heart, every day our chef prepares vegetable puree, vegetable broth, delicious pasta ... and any dish that can satisfy the requests of our little guests.

For them, upon request, the restaurant opens 15 minutes early, allowing them to eat without being disturbed.

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